Luxury Cufflinks Commercial Fashion Film

A few decades back, Power Dressing was all about the boxy suits with hideous shoulder pads, big hair and monochromes. Fast forward to today, it's become more about those little fine details such as your cufflinks that make you truly stand out.

The challenge in this project was conveying this message throughout the campaign. EDG London Cufflinks are designed and made as luxurious items for both men and women to complement their unique style and taste.

By working on an original brief from the client, we fine-tuned the campaign which was to include the use of a private jet, a classic British car (Bentley), amazing locations and the models of course. The aim was to showcase the use of EDG cufflinks in an aspirational manner.

We hope we accomplished this plus more! Check out the film below.
Till next time remain FABULOUS...

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