The Big News...

Towards the end of last year, we promised to reveal a big news to you all; well here it is...

Lighthouse Fashion Photography is proud to announce that we've moved to our bigger 1500sq ft city centre studio, equipped with the latest gizmos including an Hollywood inspired make up/ changing room, relaxing waiting area (where you'll be spoilt with a choice of refreshments) our white wooden studio floors, several backdrops, exposed brick walls and so many more. There is also plenty of parking so need to worry about where to park.

To celebrate this, we invited a few of our lucky Facebook fans to a free make over shoot in our new studio and below are a few images from the sessions.

If you've got a project in mind, why not arrange to have a look around and hopefully we could be of assistance to you.

Till next time, remain fabulous.
Hollywood themed make over room with mirrors.

Studio with exposed brick wall.

Studio with chaise lounge.

Studio with wall paper theme.

Studio with Pink Theme

Several backgrounds to choose from.

Fully white studio with wooden floor.

Different lighting effects.

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