Classic Model Portfolio.

First of all, apology for the delay in bringing this fabulous service to our amazing matured models.

In the past, we've worked with older models on creating portfolios or lovely head shots either for professional or personal use but never created an online portfolio of inspirations and ideas on our website. Well ladies (& gents), behold what you've been waiting for!

Very shortly,  you'll be able to view over 50 new amazing images on our website of past models we've worked with, with ages ranging from 40 - 65yrs old. These are sessions aimed at bringing back your youthful glamour, with our professional hair and make up transformation; your make over session will be fun and liberating. Reminiscent of your youthful days.

Why not treat yourself or loved one to our classic model portfolio shoot and experience what the hype is all about for yourself?

In the mean time, enjoy these collection of real women, a few of what is to be revealed on our brand new website.

Till next time.... remain fabulous!
Leicester Classic Model Make Over Studio

Leicester Classic Model Make Over Studio
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