Pictures Of The Week Part 1

For the next 4 weeks or so, we will be showcasing some of our latest pictures each week following our popular "Picture Of The Day" project. A project aimed to show the dynamism of our creative shoots whilst we work with over 265 new models; some, total amateurs others with more experience. With ages ranging from 9-64yrs!

We hope this edition expresses our imaginative prowess and ability to adapt our work to a much wider audience. Sit back and enjoy our fabulous collection! Click here to follow us each day for our "Picture Of The Day" selection. 


MUA/HAIR: NW Styling | MODEL: Miss J

MUA/HAIR: Mia Thompson | MODEL: Jay
MUA/HAIR: NW Styling | MODEL: Laurence
MUA/HAIR: Anika Chauhan | MODEL: Ellen
MUA/HAIR: Emily Ireson | MODEL: Claire
MUA/HAIR: Anika Chauhan | MODEL: Rosa
MUA/HAIR: Emily Ireson | MODEL: Sharelle
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