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The past few months seem to have flown by and it looks more like we forgot about our lovely blog readers for a mo. Well, we didn't - just been very busy which of course is good news, but you can now catch up on everything you missed out on.

First of all was our shoot for Parallel Clothing. These guys design and manufacture some of the latest & on trend golf clothing in the UK, so it was a pleasure when we got approached to photograph their latest collection. New clothing range for their SS11 meant new website and updated branding too. 

We dealt with all aspects of the shoot production from casting for suitable models, to providing a team of creatives i.e make up artist, hair stylist etc. This of course was based on brief given by the Company Director - Andy. Post-production was also done in-house.

The project took two days to shoot (well technically 3 as some of the images had to be re-shot) -  in our Leicester photo studio and other on location in London, at the amazing Urban Golf Centre in Kensington.  

The result was a fabulous success, the company re-branding seems to have done the trick. Business growth is said to be promising with major new outlets & retailers stocking outfits. Magazine publications and press interest in the golfing industry can't go unmentioned either. Click here to visit their brand new website.

Well yet another successful mission! Hope you fabulous folks enjoy the pictures...


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  1. Love the designs of your clothes. My favorite is the red one, very fashionable and trendy. Thanks for sharing.