Lighthouse Fashion Designer Awards 2011

Not too long ago, we mentioned how important it was for us to support young fashion designers most especially in the Midlands because, this part of the country is filled with some of the best fashion designer the country has to offer.

We believe it's our ethical duty to help discover these talents, as they are the designers of tomorrow! We wanted a competition that will be very open, with all applicants having an equal right to win or at least get the most publicity they could get.

Social networking site Facebook is a powerful tool that can't be underestimated. The who's who of the fashion industry are on this site, so what better platform could all these designers get than to be discovered by these influential figures. Everyone gets an equal right to be seen, heard & discovered unlike traditional voting methods where designers are narrowed down by a selected panel of judges.

We hope this will become an annual event and as time goes on, it can be rolled out Nationally. In the mean time, if you'd like to find out how to apply or vote for your favourite designer, click here.

We wish everyone applying good luck and may the best one win.
Till next time, remain FABULOUS...

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