Fabulous Baby Bump Is Born.

Ever since the idea of offering fabulous pregnancy portraits as part of our key offering sprung to mind, we've been working extra hard to make it a reality. We weren't interested in offering the standard pregnancy photos you'd get from 'Joe Blogs'; we wanted something unique, a fun and exhilarating experience for mums-to be! After all, carrying that bump for 9months isn't the easiest thing to do, so a pampering experience was definitely what we aimed to offer.

Now this wasn't the easiest project to execute as scouting for pregnant women who were willing to be more or less our guinea pigs wasn't going to be straight forward. Of course we could have used professional models from agencies that specialise in providing pregnant models, but we didn't want a staged affair; we wanted 'REAL WOMEN'! As luck would have it, we found two sisters who were both pregnant, and looked fabulous too. Just the right sort of people we were after.

Fast forward to about 10weeks later and this project was officially launched online. Hit rate to the website was in excess of 300 within the first hour! It was liberating to know that people were actively keen to see the result from this project. We've had nothing but postive feedbacks too! So a big well done to everyone that made it a reality.

Fabulous Baby Bump has been born and you can see her in all her glory here
But in the mean time, feast your eyes on these amazement: 

Till next time, remain FABULOUS!

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