Children/Kids Fashion Photography

You know the old saying that goes 'never work with kids or animals' well; we have! And what a liberating & fun experience it was. 

When JayLiz Clothing came up with their ready to wear collection for kids and wanted us to photograph it, the first thought that came to mind was: 'Oh no!'. The reason for this thought was not because we don't like kids- bless them! But rather because photographing kids could sometimes be a nightmare.

Kids will always be kids and trying to direct them either turns into tantrums or they do the direct opposite. We were left with the task of casting for child models; 1 boy and 1 girl preferably from the same family.  

On seeing some pictures of our selected models, we just knew they were the ones for this job! They were the T & T kids (Tami & Tomi) as we nicknamed them. They were so easy to photograph and needed very little directing, true professionals!

We are delighted to have worked with them and look forward to doing more of this kind of work. It takes us from our comfort zone of photographing top models to doing something a little bit more challenging but ultimately rewarding.

We hope you like these pictures as much as we do and if you want professional fashion images for your kids then you know who to call. Your child could be the next top model!

Till next time remain F A B U L O U S...

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