Top Commercial Fashion Shoot Continued

Closer and closer it gets to the big day of our commercial test shoot in Leicester.
So far, we've got 9 models lined up for the shoot. 5girls and 4guys
Mark- strong face, nice body.
Paul- scouser with defined jaw line
Nathan- high fashion model with baby face
Steve- rough and ready with nice torso.

As for the girls, the selection has not been an easy one; they were all fabulous in their own ways! So in just two words:
Emma- Wild girl.
Kathryn- Beautiful eyes
Whitney Nicole- Cute face
Kat- Long legs

These are guys with very little or no modelling experience as one of the ideas behind this shoot was to use everyday people we believe had potentials waiting to be tapped! So for the past 4weeks or so, we've been scouting high and low for these guys. We're happy with this choice but of course, we know how unreliable some people can be, so we would be very impressed if everyone showed up on Sunday, but as we are top fashion photography team, we can definitely handle whatever gets thrown at us!

On a lighter note, we've just finished a top fashion campaign for Diva la Glam, a brand new online store for ladies who love their clothes and shoes. Make up and hair was done our fabulous
Charlotte. Models were Helen, Claire, Louise.

Hope you enjoy.

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