Highcross Fashion Week

It's finally here; Leicester's own fashion week!

Yes it's only for 3days but it could be the begining of bigger things. First show was bang on time as promised which is kind of unusual in the fashion industry but hey we always keep to our time in Leicester!

Top brands like Zara, Armani and D&G were on the catwalk but the surprise in our humble opinion had to be Oasis. Girls if you've ever wondered the best way to wear your pink, then head right there! Pink on blue combo use to be a 'no no' but not anymore. See pictures attached for yourself.

We are not just your favourite fashion photographers in Leicester, we might as well be your next Gok Wan. Till next time, remain F A B U L O U S!


Fashion Photography team based in Leicester with access to major UK Cities such as LondonManchesterBirminghamNottingham
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  1. Great pictures,makes me want to go shopping.